NANODEV Research Group

Industrial Applications

There are many application areas of synthetic zeolites. In the main important application areas, which are catalysis, gas seperation, water adsorption, energy applications and antibacterial applications, zeolites are in an irreplaceable place. These zeolites were designed and engineered in desired properties (pore size, pore windows, particle size, surface area, surface groups). The most commen zeolites in industrial applications are mainly zeolite 13X, zeolite 3A, zeolite 4A and zeolite 5A. These zeolites generally synthesized by laboratory grade chemicals. Nowadays, there are some research on the synthesis of these zeolites from natural and local sources such as clays. Furthermore, the investigations of the conversion of waste generated from thermal power plants into zeolites is another hot topic.  These kind of studies were carried out from Turkey’s local natural sources and waste generated in our country, at our laboratories